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TIP; The more you buy, the cheaper it is.


What is this website?

Follower Hub is a great way to promote your tumblr, We only offer a "Featured" list and that is because we are not a plug site. Basically what our site can do for you is amazing. Our Tumblr app has over 200,000+ users linked to it. When our application is online you will be followed by them over a period of time. The more featured days you buy the more followers you gain. If you'd like to buy featured go to the link below!

Can my accounts be banned?

No, your account is safe with ALL services on this website.

Why can't we purchase amounts of Tumblr followers anymore?

Well we decided it was a waste of time and money to buy followers, so we decided to make a featured list so that you can be auto followed from our app without purchasing an amount of followers. This way you don't have a limit and can be followed by more people.

How long will it take to receive my purchase?

It depends on what you buy. We have tons of purchases a day. If we aren't running behind (which we usually aren't) then your purchase should be delivered or start being delivered within 24-48 hours. If not we will give you a complete refund for the inconvenience.

Why are Facebook Likes so expensive?

Well most sites sell fake likes from bot accounts, We sell real ones from real people. They will manually like your page from our other pages after we promote you.

Why should we buy Facebook Likes?

Facebook likes are a great way to get your Facebook page out there and get a boost to get it popular enough so that more people will see your content. After you purchase you will start gaining slowly but surley. You will start gaining extra likes because of how rapid your page will get popular. We recommend buying two thousand or more so that your page automatically starts attracting people other than the people on our pages/ websites.

Are the Instagram followers real?

We offer real and fake Instagram followers, If you're looking for real followers just click the link on the Instagram section that says "Click Here" right below the Paypal payment button. Fake followers will boost your account and make you gain followers daily. but real followers will be active and like your pictures and comment as normal. So either way you're in a win, win situation.

How many followers will we gain from buying a promotion?

It all depends on your blog, If people like your blog they will follow you. You should receive around 300-700 per promotion and we promote you three times a day for two days.

What is a 1 Month Promotion?

A one month promotion is where we use Tumblr famous blogs and other websites to promote your blog. The only difference between this and a regular promotion is that we promote your blog for a month instead of just one promotion. You will gain far more amounts with this option then any other promo.

Are the Facebook page likes real?

Yes, We provide real page likes from real people. This works by us promoting your Facebook page on Blogs, Websites, Forums and other Facebook pages.

What are Facebook Suggestions?

Facebook friend suggestions are suggestions sent from another account to your account. We send them from an account with 5000 friends or multiple accounts depending on how many you buy. Since they're from real active accounts you will get REAL Facebook friends adding you shortly after the requests are sent. This option is good if you want to be Facebook famous. For personal reasons or if you're promoting something etc.